Tutorial Overview

The Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model tutorial will be offered during a one and a half week period from 22-31 January 2014 at the NCAR Foothills Laboratory, Boulder, Colorado.

The tutorial will be divided into 3 sessions. Participants can attend any combination of these sessions.

1. (Lecture only) WRF/DART Ensemble DA Tutorial (22 January 2014) The tutorial will provide an introduction to ensemble data assimilation for WRF and the Data Assimilation Research Testbed.

Topics include:
a. Introduction to ensemble DA
b. Using DART with simple models
c. Running the WRF/DART assimilation system
d. Using WRF/DART analysis tools
e. Examples of WRF/DART ensemble analyses and forecasts

Users who have not previously attended the basic WRF tutorial may attend
this tutorial; however, a basic understanding of the WRF model is necessary
to make full use of the WRF/DART tutorial.

2. MET Tutorial (23-24 January 2014) A tutorial on the Model Evaluation Tools (MET) will be offered for 2 days during the first week. MET is a package of state-of-the-art forecast evaluation (i.e., verification) tools designed for use with WRF model output. The tutorial will include some training on verification practices as well as the application of MET, with lectures and hands-on practical sessions. Users may attend this tutorial without attending the basic WRF tutorial; however, a basic understanding of the WRF model is desirable in order to make full use of the MET tutorial.

3. Basic WRF Tutorial (27-31 January 2014) The tutorial will consist of lectures on various components of the WRF modeling system for the Advanced Research WRF (WRF-ARW), along with hands-on practice sessions.

The topics include:
a. WRF Pre-processing System
b. WRF Dynamics and Numerics
c. WRF Physics
d. Software Framework
e. Post-processing and Graphical Tools



Basic knowledge of atmospheric science and numerical modeling, as well as working in a Unix computer environment, is required for the class. All participants are strongly encouraged to work through one or more of the online tutorials for WRF-ARW, and MET depending on your interest, prior to attending the tutorial classes.

Available Spaces

Due to the constraints of physical space and computers, we can only accommodate a maximum of 60 participants for the WRF Basic tutorial and a maximum of 40 participants for the MET tutorial.

Register early, as registration always exceeds capacity! After these seats have been filled, a wait list will be established and the status will remain as pending until a seat becomes available.

Registration & Payment

In order to register, please click here.

Payments are due by 01 December 2013 and there will be no refunds for cancellations made after 08 January 2014.

Upon registering, you will receive an email acknowledging that we have received your registration application. At this point your registration will be "pending." Once we have received your application and we still have seats available you will receive an email stating you have been accepted, at which time your credit card will be charged. We will not charge your credit card until you are accepted.

If you have any questions or are unable to register please e-mail: workshop@ucar.edu. Please see the Registration & Payment Page for more details.

Summary of Important Dates:

18 October 2013: Registration Opens

1 December 2013: Payment Due

After 9 January 2014: No refunds for cancellation

22 January 2014: WRF/DART Ensemble DA Tutorial

23-24 January 2014: WRF MET Tutorial

27-31 January 2014: Basic WRF Tutorial

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your registration at any time by going into the website registration page and clicking on cancel. However, if you need to cancel your attendance at the WRF Tutorial, please be aware of our policy:

We will refund your registration less $25.00 to cover administrative fees until 8 January 2014.

After Thursday, 9 January 2014, we will not be offering any refunds.

We are looking forward to your attendance!