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20170804 - Remade Jan 2017 web pages. Some radar composite regions were missing.

20170111 - Stopped archiving SPC storm reports. Some reports are added after the scheduled download time of the image. Therefore the version here is often incomplete. Use SPC directly instead.

20161201-20161208 - crontab not copied to new server. During this interval, no images were archived.

20141205 - Server issue fixed; no images lost.

20141205 - Images stopped loading around midnight. Sys admin has been alerted. Images are still being archived but they are not accessible from the server.

20140115 - While switching to new server, images were not downloaded between 10am and 4pm MST.

20131231 - Dates in November and most of December 2013 were incomplete or missing for a few days. Fixed now.

20131122 - Server misconfigured and site was down for a couple days. Fixed now.

20121101 - Increased frequency of surface analyses from every 2 hours to every hour.

20120926 - Slightly different daily precip. No more "lowres" images.

20120926 - Back to normal. Please email me if you notice any problems.

20120921 - Web server went down for a few days. Server is back up, but images aren't showing up.

20110926 - Image archive working again after hard disk failed. A back-up was started but a few hours will always be missing for the morning of 20110923. Aug and Sep 2011 web pages were erased temporarily, but they should be restored in a couple days.

20110914 - Regional radar composites are missing 20081220-20090111. Filled in national composite with NCDC web archives.

20110624 - Deleted my crontab that downloads radar composites and had to recreate it by hand. It must have happened around June 12. I found an error in it and fixed it. It should continue grabbing images every hour now instead of once a day, as it was incorrectly set up to do. Sorry for the inconvenience it caused you!

20110406 - Managed to fill in some missing radar composites from 20100928-20110402, but they have no state borders.

20110404 - Radar composites are missing from 20110326 to 20110402 due to a URL change at the originating web site.

20110107 - Radar composites are missing from 20110103 to 20110107 due to a URL change at the originating web site.

20101107 - Radar composites should be working now. Some from Sep 2010 may still be the wrong region. I attempted to fix them where possible.

20100928 - The north_plains, cent_plains, and south_plains radar composites are still not coming in right. CoD is working on their website.

The radar composites from CoD sometimes show the wrong region and the eastern U.S. regions are missing from around 1800 UTC on Sep 10, 2010 to Sep 23, 2010.

Updated image download script. 20100308

From Monday morning on 20080811 to Tuesday morning 20080812, the web server disk was down. Data is missing for this period.

On 20070905, we stopped getting WSI MASTER15 NOWrad radar composites. For a short time from 2007 0906-0928, radar composites were made from MASTER5 composites. Subsequent dates have images from College of Dupage weather pages.

Around 20070625, the web server was retired. Change your bookmark to

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