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Welcome to the MM5 Online Tutorial page


The MM5 code has been frozen at Version 3-7, and at the same time we have suspended our annual tutorial classes at NCAR's Foothill Lab in Boulder, Colorado. We are still supporting the MM5 code, and will do so for a couple of years to come.

New users:

  • We recommend that you work through this tutorial before you try to run MM5 on your own.
  • This tutorial has been designed to take you through the MM5 programs step by step.
    Simply follow the at the bottom of each page to continue.
  • During the step by step tutorial, not all examples will be covered. Once you have run the programs successfully with the SOC (our default case) case and you are more familiar with the programs, please come back here and look at some other examples.
  • To help you follow where in the tutorial pages you are, the active page will be highlighted in the top navigational bar.

Veteran users:

  • For references to run various options in Version 3 - look for the 'Miscellaneous', 'Trouble Shooting' and 'Examples' sections in each program.

Look out for the following signs indicating:


Tips / Hints

Extra Information

Special Information for the MM5 MPI code

Special Information for NCAR IBM Users


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