Fortran programs that combine the tiled GrADS output from CM1 into one file: valid for cm1r12 and later versions
(used for processing the output from CM1 when using MPI processing and when the GrADS output format is selected):

Note: these new, more efficient "combine" programs have been released with cm1r16:

Usage: compile with a fortran compiler. Then, run the program, and answer all the questions. Note: you will need to have a copy of your GrADS descriptor file (i.e., files ending in ".ctl") in the same directory.

Output: two files are created: a new descriptor file (cm1out_MPI.ctl) and a new GrADS data file.

Fortran program to combine the tiled netcdf output
(same as above, but for netcdf output format)

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Last updated: 6 February 2012