AMPS Archive on NCAR's HPSS

The AMPS archive contains forecasts since January 2001. Any particular forecast times not found in a listing of the files reflect missed forecasts. Sizes listed are current sizes. Older files may be smaller because of a smaller model configuration (e.g., horizontal/vertical dimensions). Occasionally, stored forecast files may be smaller than the usual sizes; this reflects a shortened forecast due to some problem when the particular AMPS run was made. File archive strategies (e.g., data organization, data compression, file naming conventions, etc.) have changed from time to time.

AMPS 30/10/3.3-km WRF forecasts, beginning 14 Jan 2013 12Z
AMPS 45/15/5-km WRF forecasts, beginning 01 Oct 2008
AMPS 60/20/6.6-km WRF forecasts, from 06 Mar 2006 through 03 Nov 2008 AMPS 60/20/6.6-km MM5 forecasts, from 17 Sep 2005 through 30 Jun 2009 AMPS 90/30/10-km MM5 forecasts, from 05 Jan 2001 through 19 Dec 2005 Where are the data archived?
What are the file formats?
How do I access the data?
Who can I contact about the AMPS archives?

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