Basics - GEOGRID

The purpose of GEOGRID is to define the simulation domain(s), and interpolate various terrestrial data sets to the model grids.

The simulation domain(s) are defined using information specified by the user in the "share" and "geogrid" sections of the WPS namelist.

By default, in addition to computing latitude and longitude for every grid point, geogrid will interpolate soil categories, land use category, terrain height, annual mean deep-soil temperature, monthly vegetation fraction, monthly albedo, maximum snow albedo, and slope category to the model grids.



1. Download the terrestrial input data
2. Edit namelist.wps

Run plotgrids.ncl to ensure your domain is in the right location before running geogrid.exe.

ncl util/plotgrids.ncl

3. Run geogrid.exe (output is  '' - one file for each domain)

Basics - UNGRIB