Get Terrestrial Input Data

The latest version of the WPS processes fields for gravity wave drag schemes in both the ARW and the NMM. Regardless of whether a GWD scheme will be used, the static fields must be available in the directory where other static geographical fields are found. Accordingly, users who have downloaded the geographical data in the past must download the additional GWD_geog.tar.gz file and unpack it in their geog directory before using WPS Version 3.1. New users downloading the geographical data tar file since the Version 3.1 release do not need to download the GWD_geog.tar.gz file, since the GWD fields are now included in the standard geographical data tar file.

NCAR - Yellowstone Users

This data is available on all the NCAR Yellowstone machines, so there is no need to download or copy the data to your working area. To use this data, all you need to do is set the geog_data_path parameter in the namelist.wps to:



If multiple users need to run WPS, place a single copy where everyone has access to this data.