source Code for the ARWpost package

The source code for the ARWpost package is available from the download page:

NOTE: From the above page, go to New Users (users will be asked to register - it is free), or Returning Users (users must supply their email address before they can download the code again).

Recommend the use of ARWpost Version 3 or higher. This code is not dependent on the successful compilation of the WRFV3 code, and can therefore be installed anywhere, even if WRFV3 is not installed on this computer.


gunzip and un-tar the code

It is best to untar the code at the same level as your WRFV3 and WPS code, rather than inside either of these directories.


Once untarred, you will see the following files and directories under the main ARWpost/ directory:

README                 A text file containing basic information on running ARWpost
arch/                  A directory containing configure and compilation control
clean                  Script to clean compiled code
compile                Script to compile the code
configure              Script to configure the compilation for your system
namelist.ARWpost       Namelist to control the running of the code
src/                   Directory containing all source code
scripts                Directory containing some grads sample scripts
util/                  Directory containing some utilities.


Environment Variables