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WRF Source Codes and Graphics Software Download Page

**NOTE: The latest WRF release is Version 3. To download version 3, click here.

This page is for Version 2. Note that WRF V2.2 data is not compatible with WRF V3 data.

The Version 2.2 release of the WRF modeling system consists of the following software and data:

If you are a first-time WRF user, learn how to run the programs via the online tutorial.

WRF Model (Updated November 1, 2007 to Version 2.2.1)

WRF model tar file (Version 2.2.1) - Please read the details. Also see a few "Known Problems" in this release.

Note: The Version 2.2.1 codes have not been tested as extensively as V2.2. If you use 2.2, compare results before moving to 2.2.1.

WRF Model (Updated December 22, 2006 to Version 2.2)

WRF model tar file (Version 2.2) - Please read the details. Also see "Known Problems" in this release.

Please read this special note if you are using NCAR's IBMs.

Last WRF model tar file was Version 2.1.2 (released January 30, 2006) - See details.

WRF Model Test Data (generated for V2.2 WRF)

January 2000 WPS output data: 30 km data from 1200 UTC Jan 24 - 0000 UTC Jan 26 2000 at 6 h interval (Source: ETA AWIP data archived at NCAR). A domain 2 file is included.

June 2001 WPS output data: 10 km data from 1200 UTC June 11 - 1200 UTC June 12 2001 at 3 h interval (Source: ETA real-time data).

WRF-Var Code and Test Data

WRF-Var source code tar file (details) (Updated December 22, 2006)

WRF BC update code tar file (Updated August 5, 2005)

WRF-Var observation pre-processor (Updated December 22, 2006)

WRF 3DVAR test data (Updated August 5, 2005)

To learn more about WRF-Var and how to use it, please visit the WRF-Var home page.

WRF Preprocessing System (WPS, 2.2.1, to be used as a replacement for SI)

WRF Pre-Processing System tar file. (Updated 1/28/08 for 2 Vtables).

WRF Preprocessing System input data: (note that these data are formatted differently from that used in SI, so one must redownload)

If you are interested in using GRIB 2 data, you need to install the following libraries:

WRF Preprocessing System test data (FNL/GFS data: 3 time periods from Jan 24 - 25, 2000). Use the default namelist.wps provided with the WPS tar file to run this test case.

WPS GUI: If you are interested in using a graphical user interface for WPS, please visit http://wrfportal.org/DomainWizard.html.


For all information about SI, please visit http://wrfsi.noaa.gov/.

WRF Post-Processing Software

As of NCL version 4.3.1, all functions needed to view WRF data with NCL are now located inside the NCL libraries. Details on how to use the new functions are available from the WRF NCL web pages.
       Older WRF_NCL scripts to process and view WRF model output in netCDF can still be used for NCL 4.3.0 and older versions. It is recommended to upgrade NCL to version 4.3.1 and use the newer scripts.

RIP4 version 4.2 (updated 12/22/06): document

RIP4 version 4.3 (posted 07/31/07): document
RIP4 version 4.3 is available since July 2007. This version can process both WRF-ARW and WRF-NMM code. If you do not plan on running WRF_NMM, RIP4 version 4.2 is sufficient.

RIP4 version 4.3 + no CRAY pointers (updated 02/20/08)
Experimental version without CRAY pointers. Work with G95. If you do not NEED this option, use one of the versions above.

ARWpost version 1.0 (06/19/07 - a memory leak has been fixed, and cloud fraction added.)
This conversion package replaces WRF2GrADS and WRF2Vis5D. This conversion package is available to convert WRF data to GrADS/Vis5D format. This new package uses the WRF IO API approach, so data in netCDF and GRIB1 format can be processed.

Conversion program from WRF model output in NetCDF to Vis5D (updated 5/18/04)
Package replaced by ARWpost - limited support still available for this conversion package.

Convert WRF model output in netCDF to GrADS format (Updated 8/31/06 - Add ability to process WRFVar data)
Package replaced by ARWpost - limited support still available for this conversion package.

WRF Utilities

read_wrf_nc (Updated: 02/26/08 - improve -ts ll to xy calculations);
(Updated: 02/26/08 - FIX: ratio in -thin option; ADDITION: option -A for de-staggered output);
p_interp (Beta version - March 2008)

The Model Evaluation Tools

MET 1.0 is released on Jan 4, 2008. For more information, please visit http://www.dtcenter.org/met/users.



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