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General WRF modeling system support and support for the ARW are provided by the Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Division of NCAR. The area of support includes:

- Maintain the released ARW code, and its documentation
- Answer user questions regarding the ARW
- Notify users on the wrf-news mailing list about updates and bug fixes
- Moderate wrf-users list emails
- Participate in WRF User Forum discussion
- Offer ARW tutorial classes
- Maintain the WRF Users and WRF Online Tutorial Websites
- Organize the annual users' workshop

Support for WRF-NMM is provided by the Development Testbed Center.

At present, questions regarding any aspect of the WRF system may be emailed to wrfhelp (wrfhelp at ucar dot edu).

WRF User Forum:
This forum is currently maintained by Matt Alonso at meso.com. It provides a venue for users to exchange experiences and obtain help with the model.



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