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WRF Preprocessing System Version 3.8: Known Problems and Fixes

NCAR CISL/RDA Data Type 113.0 (posted 6/16/2016):

Problem: Using this type of input data causes fields to shift approximately 1 degree longitude toward the east (when compared to raw ECMWF grib files.

Solution: Download the fixed file, rd_grib1_v38.F. Rename the file to 'rd_grib1.F' and place it in WPS/ungrib/src directory. Recompile.
Note: The Vtable that is valid for this data type is Vtable.ECMWF

NCEP NAM Complex Packaging Read Problems (posted 3/29/2017):

Problem: The packaging of files for NCEP NAM Grib2 files was changed the week of 20 March 2017. The WPS system has troubles reading in the height field correctly.

Solution: This fix is ONLY for users who are having troubles reading NCEP NAM Grib2 files. Download this packaged ungrib file and unpack it in the WPS/ directory. Included is a README.bugfix file (for your information), and another ungrib_fix.tar file. Unpackage that file and it will overwrite the problem file with a corrected version in the ungrib directory tree.







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