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WRF Preprocessing System Version 3.9: Updates

WPS Version 3.9

Version 3.9 of the WRF Pre-Processing System (WPS) was released on 17 April 2017.

The V3 WRF model is NOT backward compatible with old V2 input files. One must rerun WPS to generate data for real/wrf.

Also see 'Known Problems' in this release.

New features and Updates:

  • The default data source for the LANDUSEF/LU_INDEX fields have been updated in v3.9 for ARW:

    * LU_INDEX/LANDUSEF are now derived from a variant of the 20-class, 30-arc-second MODIS data with an algorithmically added lake category, which is different from the 21-class MODIS dataset available in v3.8 and earlier with lakes;
    * Soil fields SOILCTOP and SOILCBOT are now interpolated from 30-arc-second data, rather than 2-arc-minute data.

  • Geogrid:

    * Geogrid can now handle large (> 2GB) tiles of static data;
    * Logic to prevent accidental combination of land use datasets that use different classification schemes (Thanks to Brian Reen, US Army Research Lab);
    * Add capability to explicitly not use optional static datasets (Thanks to Brian Reen, US Army Research Lab);
    * Added GEOGRID.TBL.ARW.noamp specifically for use when creating domains for simulations in which a user will activate the crop or groundwater modules in the Noah-MP scheme.

  • Ungrib:

    * Added capability to vertically interpolate to new levels in isobaric datasets (Thanks to Brian Reen, US Army Research Lab);
    * introduce the capability to process rotated lat-lon RAP/HRRR data.

  • metgrid:

    * WRF simulations can now be initialized from MPAS output via a new capability in the metgrid program to read and interpolate netCDF MPAS output on the native, unstructured MPAS mesh;
    * introduce the capability to process rotated lat-lon RAP/HRRR data.

New terrestrial data sets:

  • 30-arc-second, 16-category BNU soil category datasets, selectable by prefixing geog_data_res with 'bnu_soil_30s+'

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug in computation of df/dx fields (Thanks to Branko Kosovic of NCAR).

  • The v3.8.1 bugfix for processing newer NCEP NAM data that use complex packing has been included in the v3.9 source.

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