WRF Model Utilities

WRF Utility Programs:

- read_wrf_nc: This program reads WRF netCDF file, and can output various data. (Updated: 02/13/09 - fix for -ts & -rot, when reading U10 and V10, a new add feature is that all variables will be unstaggered when -ts is used)

- iowrf: Program to thin WRF netCDF files, or extract a box from a WRF netCDF file. (Updated: 02/26/08 - FIX: ratio in -thin option; ADDITION: option -A for de-staggered output)

- wrf_interp: A program to interpolate WRF output files to pressure, height-agl, height-msl, potential temperature and equivalent potential temperature. It also has the capability to perform underground extrapolation. (Updated: 01/15/2015)

- p_interp: A utility to convert wrfout data to pressure level (Updated: 08/31/2010)

- v_interp: A utility program to add vertical levels in WRF input and boundary files. Instructions in the README file (experimental). Usage: one-way nesting.

- diffwrf: This program is provided in the WRF code tar file. It can perform several functions, including making comparisons of two WRF files. Read more.

- Conversion program for MM5/REGRID/pregrid intermediate file format to SI/grib_prep intermediate file format. Click here to download (experimental).

- Conversion program for MM5 pressure level data to SI/hinterp data. Click here to download (experimental).

- User provided utility to convert standard wrfout files to CF complaint wrfout files (wrfout_to_cf.ncl). Click here for additional information.

- User provided utility to convert CAM netcdf output to WPS/ungrib intermediate file formatted data (CAM2WRF.tgz).



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