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Notes on compiling and running on NCAR's Cheyenne System

To log-in to Cheyenne, type the following:

        ssh -Y

You will use your Yubikey or cryto-card when prompted (this will be the same code as you used with Yellowstone)

**We do not recommend that you try to implement your own .login, .cshrc, etc. files until you are very familiar with the Cheyenne system. Cheyenne provides several modules that you can use to change some of your settings. For a more detailed description of the Cheyenne system, please click here.
For specific details about modules, please click here.

**Note: When you first log-in to Cheyenne, the default compiler will be Intel. If you wish to change this, please see the above link for directions on using modules to make modifications.

If you are not changing the code, pre-compiled WRFV3 and WPS code is available on Cheyenne. This can be found in the ~wrfhelp/PRE_COMPILED_CHEYENNE/ directory (this includes all executables for WPS and WRFV3, as well as utilities, which are found under WPS/util). For now, we only have version 3.8.1 compiled, but will be adding more later. Please contact wrfhelp at ucar dot edu if you would like to request another version to be added sooner.

WRF-ARW Available Pre-Compiled Code

3.8.1 Intel dmpar 24

**WRFV3 is compiled with the basic nesting option (option #1), and with large file support capability.**

WPS Available Pre-Compiled Code

3.8.1 Intel serial 17

**WPS is compiled with the option of using Grib1 and Grib2 input data.**

Static input data for running geogrid.exe are available in ~wrfhelp/WPS_GEOG. You will need to specify this path in namelist.wps

You will need additional libraries to run/compile ungrib.exe. You can find these libraries in ~wrfhelp/UNGRIB_LIBRARIES. You will need to add these to set your environment to point to these libraries. For example, if you are using csh or tsch:

        setenv JASPERLIB /glade/u/home/wrfhelp/UNGRIB_LIBRARIES/lib
        setenv JASPERINC /glade/u/home/wrfhelp/UNGRIB_LIBRARIES/include

Batch job scripts can be found on Cheyenne under ~wrfhelp/BATCH_SCRIPTS_CHEYENNE. Make sure the project number is correctly set in the script (all project numbers require a 'P' in front of them). To submit a job in the queue, type:

        qsub my-script.csh


Various versions of source code can be found on Cheyenne, in ~wrfhelp/SOURCE_CODE


If you plan to use NCL, you can load it by typing:

        module load ncl

If you plan to use ncview, you can load it by typing:

        module load ncview





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